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I’m moving house, do I need moving insurance?

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Before making a decision about moving insurance, it is very important that you get the moving company right. On many occasions, cheap ends up being very expensive. And this usually happens when a move is contracted with someone from the underground economy, or with an individual who uses the van to do delivery in his spare time.

It will be more expensive, but it is better that you hire a serious, professional company with experience in the removals sector. You will pay more, but you will receive a quality service and you will have security in the transport of your goods. The peace of mind of a good moving service is worth paying a little more.

It is worth paying a little more and enjoying a professional service that gives us peace of mind.

The first step that guarantees a good move is a good choice of the company that is going to carry it out. As criteria for selecting it, consider that it is a legally recognized company, that it has experience in the area where you live, that it has positive customer references and, above all, that it guarantees that it is capable of dealing with the problems that may arise with the objects in the transfer.

A basic precaution is the request for budgets in writing. Then, the signing of a moving service contract, which reflects each and every one of the agreed conditions. This contract is essential to resolve discussions in the face of problems that arise in a move, and allows us to resort to justice in case of non-compliance with the agreed services.

It is important to make a list of all the belongings that are going to be transported and their condition before starting the move.

You must assume that a move is an arduous process. The first thing is to make an inventory, a clear list of the belongings that are going to be transported. This way you will also have control that everything has reached its destination when it is downloaded, because it is very easy for something to get lost or break along the way. Don’t rush the list. Take the time necessary to quantify the objects, expressly highlighting those that have the most economic or sentimental value. One piece of advice is that you transfer documents and items with a lot of sentimental value to the new house yourself.

Some moving experts advise including photographs of the most valuable assets, and even carrying out an appraisal, at least for the most valuable items. The important thing is that it is clear what and under what conditions enters the moving truck, so that we can have a good watch and control that each object has arrived at its destination and in the same way in which it was uploaded. It is not the first time that an object is broken or lost during the journey and the removal company tries to replace it with a similar one…

This inventory can also help you when hiring moving insurance. The list of assets can give you an idea of ​​how much value is at stake, so that insurance will cover as much of that amount as possible. It also allows you to compare the figure with the coverage limit, since the insurance may not cover the full cost of all your belongings, or there may be a maximum cap per individual item.