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High season in the removals sector

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According to studies, the arrival of summer is a good opportunity for the removals business, since they show that in this season of the year the demand increases even by up to 20%.

Moving and cargo transportation companies in general must prepare to respond to this market need, which chooses this time of the year as its favorite because many people take advantage of the freedom of time that vacations offer them to make their removals. .

High season in the removals sector. In order for us to be successful, we must take into account aspects that clients consider when choosing a moving service.

Clients perceive the quality of the companies listed in every detail, for example in the speed with which they respond to calls, emails, that is, a good commercial response from the first moment of making contact.
They look for companies that have permits and insurance that provide security and guarantees for the transfer of their belongings in a reliable manner.
It is valued that the company offers a range of diverse services such as packaging and disassembly / assembly of your furniture / belongings and subsequent distribution at destination.
Well-equipped vehicles where they will transport their merchandise and such a good presentation of the workers with good coordination and advice from the salesperson during the visit.
The experience and recommendations of loved ones is key, the best word of mouth advertising, a satisfied customer is the main promoter for future services
Fundamentally, your moving price is important, and consider that a minimum of 3-5 qualified operators to carry out a home move has its price, be wary of cheap prices in the end if any incident arises about your transfer, they will make excuses for not facing it with the problems due to the lack of merchandise and civil liability insurance and worst of all, that you are the main person responsible for hiring this type of company in the face of police intervention

In short, it is good that we keep in mind that the moving process is much more than the transport of objects with an economic value, it also involves things with tremendous sentimental value that require a professional service with careful attention to people.

High season in the removals sector